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There’s a huge difference! We don’t have fake profiles and we screen each and every person who registers. Every member of our community has been met with in person by one of our volunteer mentors at least once and the mentor’s personal impression of them is recorded in the member’s card.

Absolutely, this is our way of truly getting to know you and maintaining the quality of our database and credible profiles.

In the first stage, only Chiburim mentors can see your profile. Once your profile has been approved by our staff, you will receive an email granting you access to the Personal Zone and then your profile will be available to suitable potential matches in Chiburim’s database.

You can receive offers either from your personal zone, your personal mentor who will perform pinpointed searches for you, or from other Chiburim mentors searching for potential matches for the members they mentor.

Unfortunately not. We are extremely experienced in matching mentors with members, and as experienced matchmakers, we hardly ever miss :). Your process begins from the moment you are contacted by your mentor and schedule your first meeting.

You will receive access to the Personal Zone only after your first meeting with your mentor and after your profile is approved by the Chiburim staff. In the Personal Zone, you can receive up to 3 offers weekly, in accordance with the preferences of both parties, so that the offers will be most accurate and appropriate.

Absolutely! Our community includes divorces and widows, with and without children.

For the most part the difference between the tracks is their duration and the amount of in person meetings in each mentoring process. In the Minimal Track, you will meet your mentor only once and the mentoring will last for one month including weekly phone calls and offers from your mentor and the Personal Zone (Personal Zone access continues even after the mentoring process is complete). The three and four month tracks allow for a deeper and more meaningful process. Your mentor can work with what you bring to the conversation, and the more dialogue there is, the more chance there is for success!

At this stage we are focusing on the age range of 25-45. If you are female and younger than 25 or male up to the age 50, you can reach out to us by email.

The Sensitivities Track is geared towards singles coping with emotional difficulties, communication difficulties, or social difficulties, and the mentoring is tailored to these unique needs and characteristics.

Our professional staff chooses the assignments which are based on geographical proximity in order for you and your mentor to easily arrange in person meetings. The other parameters are based on years of experience of successful assignments, and considerations of age, religious background, and personal style. To this day we have a success rate of 98%. If you feel the need to change mentors, feel free to reach out to the staff.

Each of our mentors are volunteers who have undergone a screening, filtering, and training process in order to best serve as Chiburim mentors. They are all in relationships, have a high level of emotional intelligence, are non-judgemental, have the ability to absorb, and have great passion for the field of relationships. They are not required to have any specific professional background, but that being said, most of them come from a background in coaching, therapy, and consultation, bringing their repatuars to the mentoring processes at Chiburim. More details can be found here: (https://www.chiburim.co.il/en/team-of-mentors/).

Nope. The distribution of the Chiburim members is just about equal parts religious and secular.

No! We are a social venture without profits. The registration fee is one-time only, and used mostly as a commitment fee in order to ensure the quality of our community. Membership in the Chiburim community lasts until you find a meaningful relationship and therefore you will always have access to the Personal Zone and to receive offers, even after you have completed your mentoring process.

We’re glad you asked! In order to maintain a level of professionalism without compromise, and in order to provide above par technology and quality service, we require an active budget and we have been successful through this day thanks to the generosity of our donors, who recognize the importance of what we are doing. We would be grateful for your support as well, and donations to Chiburim are tax deductible in accordance with Section 46. To donate click here.

Throughout the past year, we have continued operating as usual, the mentoring processes have continued, and of course there were dates and new connections made. During lockdowns, your first meeting can take place on Zoom and then the following meetings can take place face to face in accordance with the guidelines.

Wonderful! Your mentor will guide you within the relationship. We have no ego. It really does not matter to us whether you met though Chiburim or any other way, what is important to us is that you are in a healthy relationship and mentoring is critical for those first stages of a new relationship.

No. There is no coaching process here or therapy, and we do not pretend to be a replacement for this or any other psychological treatment if necessary. We provide an opportunity for you to undergo a personal development process using Chiburim’s methods and this also includes tools from the world of coaching. Your mentor is like a professional friend on the journey, shining light on points that perhaps you overlooked. He or she is there in order to listen to your needs and pinpoint them together with you, to search for dating opportunities for you so that you will not be alone in this journey of finding a relationship. There is someone else who cares, without any of his or her own personal interests involved.

Fabulous! We are big supporters of personal processes that lead to self-awareness and change. In order to be part of the Chiburim community, you need to meet with a mentor at least once nonetheless, and simultaneously you can continue the process with your personal coach.

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