The Sensitivities Track

For those coping with emotional, mental, or social struggles

Chiburim is a non-profit social enterprise that aims to guide people in finding love and relationships.

All of our mentors undergo a screening and acceptance process, followed by a unique training session based on Chiburim’s methods.

Many of our mentors are certified coaches, and they bring with them tools and professional experience in addition to their great passion to connect and lead you to a meaningful relationship.

The personal mentoring process and receiving dating opportunities requires a registration fee.

The registration fee is used to cover the costs of operating the venture. Our mentors do so voluntarily.

Personal mentoring for three months

Up to 4 meetings with a personal mentor and a weekly phone call​

Receive targeted dating opportunities from both within and outside of Chiburim’s database

Join the Chiburim community: Discounts and early bird specials for our events, online tips and personal consultations

Membership in the Community - Until You Find a Meaningful Relationship!

350 NIS

Instead of 390 NIS

One-time payment only, no subscription fee, includes unlimited access to the Personal Zone!

מופע סטנדאפ מוזיקלי