Your journey to a meaningful relationship

The journey to finding a meaningful relationship can grow tedious as you venture through dating sites, dates, matchmakers, and even when we share our experiences with friends and acquaintances — it is still something that each and every one of us goes through alone.

What if you had a partner for the journey? One that helps in just the right places, and also provides professional advice exactly when you need it?

Now imagine that you are part of a community of members who each have such a partner.

Chiburim is a social enterprise set up to allow you to find a relationship with a personal approach, through volunteers who serve as personal mentors.

Each registered member meets with a personal mentor for a focused process of finding a relationship. After the first meeting with a mentor, you will begin to receive dating opportunities from your mentor as well as from any other Chiburim mentor.

Also from this point onwards, you have access to the Personal Zone where you can receive up to three dating suggestions each week.

Membership in the Chiburim community is unlimited until you find a relationship, with no recurring subscription fee!

How does it work?

Upon registration, you will be assigned to a volunteer mentor and you will schedule a first introductory meeting.

Immediately after the meeting, the mentor will enter your details into Chiburim’s member database and will begin searching for dating opportunities for you.

If a match is found, you will receive an offer for a date!

Additionally, you will be able to receive offers from all Chiburim mentors.

Chiburim volunteers know each member in the database personally, so the search for relevant dating opportunities is more accurate, more personal, and tailor-made for you!

Who can register?

  • Single, divorced, or widowed ages 25-45.
  • Religious, secular and everything in between and beyond.
  • Living in Israel, and ready for a meaningful and long-term relationship.
  • Available and willing to dedicate the time for mentoring meetings, phone calls with your mentor, and dates with potential matches.

How do I join the Chiburim community?

Fill out the registration form below (don’t forget to include a current photo)

Read and accept the terms of use

Pay our one-time registration fee

Chiburim’s registration fee is symbolic and one-time only. While we are unable to guarantee that you will find a meaningful relationship, in the event that we do help you find the love of your life, we will inquire regarding a donation to our initiative, in order that we may assist more singles in fulfilling the dream we have helped you fulfill.

Please Note!

Registration to Chiburim is one-time only!

Your membership in the community lasts until you find a meaningful relationship and includes a personal mentor for the duration of the track you choose, and access to the Personal Zone with weekly offers. Additionally, members will receive special rates to all Chiburim events, relationship workshops, lectures, and so on. We commit to searching for matches for you, but do not guarantee that we will find one.

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