We believe that every individual has the right to love and be loved. Our vision is that everyone should find a meaningful relationship. With a little help from friends – this can become a reality.

Chiburim is a social initiative established with a personal approach to help people find a suitable partner with the assistance and support of trained volunteers.

Everyone who registers meets with a volunteer for a three month period  with the focus on finding the suitable partner.

After the first meeting with a volunteer, you automatically become a member of the community.

From then on you will be eligible to receive suggestions from the database of "Chiburim" which will increase your chances of finding successful dates. Want to join Chiburim? - press here

All of our volunteers are carefully selected and trained before they are assigned. For more information on volunteering, press here!

Please note! You only register for "Chiburim" once. Membership in the community continues until you find a suitable partner. Personal guidance is for a period of three months.


Beyond the goal of assisting you in finding a partner, the motto of our organization is tolerance and social harmony which we instill in our volunteer training program and in the general discourse of the organization. 


Chiburim is a non-profit organization (Amuta  580554244)  established in 2014 by Judi Stern. Judi has been happily married to Roy for over 40 years, and they are the parents of 7 children. However, she still remembers the loneliness and pressure that she felt as a single until she met Roy. More recently, she has shared the experience of her own children in finding their partners. Throughout the years, Judi has assisted many singles in their quest in finding the right person, and based on her knowledge and vast experience decided to establish a unique social startup which will enable anyone who wants a helping hand and an open ear in the process of seeking their partner, to receive it.

Of particular importance to Judi is offering assistance to individuals with emotional sensitivities in their search for suitable partners. Judi is the engine behind this particular project in Chiburim, which  is the first of its kind.

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The Board of Directors of "Chiburim"" includes top professionals in Israel in the fields of psychology, matchmaking, mental health and business.

Judi Stern


 Together with her husband Roy, Judi established "Chiburim" in 2012. Happily married for more than 40 years, she is the mother of 7 and grandmother of 9 (so far). Judi's goal has been to find a personalized, supportive, professional way to help others meet a partner.  She has assisted many people for more than a decade.  Judi has a perpetual smile, unlimited energy, works as an English teacher and is a very involved and devoted grandmother.

Ayelet Ayalon

Mother of 2 and grandmother of 2. Ayelet has her BA in English linguistics from Bar Ilan and her   MA in Jewish studies from the Schecter Institute. She has vast experience in banking and business alongside her work in graphological analysis of manuscripts which together contribute to her wide range of skills and interests.

She believes in the vision of "Chiburim" and considers it an important social initiative based on an ideology of improving society.

Dr. Roy Stern


Roy is a retired pediatrician, an active member of the Board of Directors of Ohr Torah Stone and of Melabev. He has been involved for many years in a variety of community organizations, among them: establishing the amuta of an elementary school, assisting in the development of local youth organizations, and establishing a baseball league. He was a member of the local council in Efrat for four years. Roy is the father of 7 and the grandfather of 9.

Leora Harel


Leora is a native Israeli, mother of 4 and grandmother of 6. She is a professional psychotherapist, with a private clinic, specializing in psychological rehabilitation.  Leora assists management and staff in psychiatric rehabilitation. She  is a therapist treating individuals, couples and families, as well as a group facilitator using DBT,  CBT, Mindfullness , and Dynanmic Therapy. Among her specializations are ADHD and mediation. She is actively involved in rehabilitation with "Ohr Lenefesh" and in "Amutat: From Darkness to Light". She has her MSW from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and vast professional experience helping others. Leora recently retired as a Director of Social Services at Kfar Shaul and served as a director of the therapeutic community for adults at Machon Samet. She is among the first to work in the profession of psychological rehabilitation in Israel.  Actively involved from the beginning in establishing "Chiburim", Leora is a believer in the need to support, encourage, and strengthen   individuals to help make them happy!

Rabbi Benji Levine


Rabbi Levine was born and raised in the US, Rabbi Benji is a scion of one of Jerusalem's most illustrious families As a young boy, Benji lived with his saintly grandfather Reb Arye Levin and with his uncle Rav Yosef Shalom Eliashiv. After serving as advisor to the Chairman of the Aliya Department in the Jewish Agency for Israel, Benji was invited in 1978 by Dr. Daniel Tropper to run seminars in Tzfat for the Gesher organization, dedicated to bridging the gap between religious and secular Jews.  He is now a Senior Vice-President at Gesher and is one of Israel’s foremost educators and storytellers.  A few years ago Rabbi Levene was privileged to light one of the torches in the Memorial Day ceremony on Mount Hertzl, representing the theme of “the unity of Israel”, the goal to which he has dedicated his life

Naama Vinograd


Born and raised in Jerusalem, Naama is a practicing nurse at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. Naama has been involved many years in assisting singles in building persona romantic relationships.

A strong believer in the facilitation and support of single people in their journey towards a solid and meaningful relationship.  Naama was the Executive Director of Yeshfe for 7 years, where she was a leader in raising public awareness to the social phenomena of late bachelorhood. Naama brings with her a vast experience in accompanying single people in their quest for marriage and has helped many couples to build their family! It was through Naama’s deep understanding that the solution lies mainly in facilitating single people through their dating process rather than non-stop dating opportunities, that the first ever facilitating model was established.

Rosalind Elbaum


Rosalind was born in England and made aliyah with her husband form Holland some 35 years ago. After all her children were happily married, she decided to help singles try to find their match. She has worked for many years in non-profit organizations.

Elisheva Sompolinsky 


Founder and C.E.O of Kishurim -Executive Recruitment LTD,  international recruitment agency specializing in the nonprofit sector since 1990. Ms. Sompolinsky is a consultant to philanthropic foundations and Jewish organizations. She facilitates workshops on job seeking and empowerment within the professional world. Born in the USA she resides in Jerusalem, a mother of 5 children and a happy grandmother! She holds a B.A. in Humanities from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,where she also studied Marketing and Business Administration. Feels a deep connection to Chiburim and the great happiness it brings into the world. 

Udi Merili


CEO, Yael Shapira

Yael has an MA in Management of Non-profit Organizations from the Hebrew University. An organization consultant by profession. After many years of developing programs, strategic planning and consulting, she wanted to make a change and touch the true essence of life. She wanted to become involved directly in an area which would bring happiness to people. Yael believes that if  "Chiburim"  did not already exist, she would have had to invent it!  Yael is happily married and together with her husband, Nitai, is raising 5 wonderful children.

Training Manager - Liel Harel

Liel Harel, a personal coach and a social welfare director, holds a Bachelors degree in Social work. For the last several years Liel has developed workshops and personal training sessions for singles seeking to find their life partners. Through her personal business "Ve'Ahavta" Liel has helped numerous singles in their personal journey for love. Liel aspires to promote public  awareness to the social phenomena of late bachelorhood and to find creative ways to battle it. Liel is happily married to Yossi and together they are parents of four children. 

Director of the program for singles with special needs - Dikla Gold

A social worker by profession, Dikla joins Chiburim after a decade of establishing and managing a variety of programs within the realm of community and social work. Throughout her entire career Dikla has been involved both professionally and in a volunteer capacity with young adults dealing with emotional and mental issues. She always had a warm spot for matchmaking and so far has matched three couples dealing with emotional sensitivities and have seen them getting married! Dikla is happily married to Yigal and together they are raising four adorable children.

Digital Marketing Manager - Sigal Israeli Hadad

Sigal Hadad, comes from a professional background of marketing both in the business sector as well as in the non-profit world. Sigal holds an MA in organizational consulting, a BA in Psychology and is a trained personal coach. Sigal married at the age of 30, and therefore is familiar with the late bachelorhood phenomena. She is happily married to Rami Hadad and has two sweet children – Halell and Yuval. Sigal believes that anyone can be in a meaningful relationship with a little help, and is grateful for the chance that she was given to assist.

IT Director - Daniel Bachanov

Daniel has been working for the past several years in programming,  app development and online marketing. He relates to Chiburim's vision that every person has the right to love and to be loved and believes that if we could just overcome our inner fears and remove defenses - we can all be in a loving relationship.

Rotem Sameah - Devolper of "Chiburim's method" for finding a meaningful relationship


Rotem is the Developer and Implementer of Chiburim’s unique facilitating method for finding a meaningful relationship and our facilitators training program. 

during his occupation as The Professional Manager of Chiburim, between the years 2014-2016, Rotem has trained hundreds of volunteer facilitators and gave his professional advise throughout the facilitating processes.

In June 2016, Rotem has completed his work and moved forward in his professional path.

Rotem perceives himself as a 'life Reality Designer' and  has been working since 2010 in life Coaching.

For more about Rotem, press here!

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