Our volunteer community is a mosaic of Israeli society. Our volunteers are from all over Israel and of all walks of life. They include religious and secular, young and older, single and married and come from a wide range of professions and academic backgrounds. What is common to all of the volunteers is a belief that all of us deserve a chance to love and be loved and to share our lives with a significant other in a relationship based on emotional attachment and mutual respect.

Our volunteer community includes dozens of volunteers from all over Israel. All volunteers go through an extensive selection and screening process and formal training which provides them with the tools to facilitate personal development of individuals searching for a partner and the skills needed to create successful meetings among members of the community. 

Our volunteers serve as professional partners on the private journey of each member towards finding their "significant other".


Every one of our dedicated volunteers began right here, just like you by filling out this form. We are proud to present some of them to you:

“Connecting between people, accompanying them as they begin their journey together and to be a part of that happiness - for me this is a dreem come true!”

Oriyah Drori, Chiburim volunteer. 

Walking our members through their process of creating their love nest, matching them with the right person – that is for me the essence of my volunteer experience in Chiburim. I am enjoying every moment of it and am filled with satisfaction!”

Roi Gideon, Chiburim volunteer.

Requirements for volunteering:


1.   Love people; non- judgmental

2.  Great interpersonal communication skills

3.  Good intuition and a high level of emotional intelligence

4.  Responsibility and a high level of commitment

5.  Good computer skills

6. Good time management skills


What does volunteering in Chiburim include?


1.  Participating in training sessions which take place in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem (details will follow).

2.  Receiving a new member to facilitate once a month which includes monthly meetings (Total of 3 monthly meetings)  

3. Weekly phone conversations with each new member.

4. An additional hour for finding dating opportunities in the computerized system.



Fill in the form below


Training for volunteers at "Chiburim"

"Chiburim" has developed its own unique professional approach and method of guiding single people in their personal process of entering a meaningful relationship. The professional method was developed by

Rotem Samach, the professional director of Chiburim.


Every volunteer has at least four training sessions during their volunteer tenure:

1.  Basic training – includes orientation, introduction to the process of volunteering, the process of facilitating a member of the community, and the guiding principles of the organization as well as the practical tools used in the facilitation process.

2. Being the right person – an advanced training which includes further learning, simulations, and acquiring the tools for accompanying a member preparing to enter into a meaningful relationship – This session deals with guiding an individual towards greater self-awareness.

3. Finding the right person – an advanced training which includes learning, practical experiences, acquiring the tools for accompanying a member in an age of “supposed abundance” of opportunities to meet people, how to succeed on dates, and how to transform dates into meaningful relationships.

4. What about career development within Chiburim? You can become a volunteer mentor. We will train you how to mentor a new volunteer in Chiburim, and become a senior volunteer. This training is for volunteers of over a year in the otganization with a track record of commitment and perseverance.


* In addition, we hold meetings from time to time with outside speakers on interesting topics and we have workshops to enrich the skills as well as the knowledge base of our volunteer facilitators. All this, so that the facilitation process will be as effective and significant as possible. 


After filling in the form:


1. We will be in touch with you by phone for an initial conversation.

2. After this first stage, we will arrange to meet you in person. The interviews are held on specific days in Jerusalem or in the Tel Aviv area. Each interview is about a half hour.

3. Following a successful interview, you will receive an invitation for basic orientation.

4. Until the training begins, you will be asked to review our online tutorial which will give you a chance to acquire practical knowledge about the process we use in "Chiburim".

5. Attend the basic training session.

6. You begin your volunteer work guiding members in finding their partners!


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