I am extremely happy to recommend “Chiburim” to all of my single friends! The advice I received from my personal mentor along the way has helped me, no doubt about it! I also received many dating opportunities through this amazing organization and I am the happiest person for having met Yael, my future wife! Keep up the holy work you are all doing!


Tamir Arieli.

"Dear Chiburim staff, I would like to thank you for the personal and close up mentoring you provided in helping me search for my one and only. 

Seven years ago I suddenly lost my husband and found myself left with two boys and a few weeks pregnant with a baby girl. It took me several years to gather myself and to decide it was time to move on. When I finally wanted to move ahead, I was suspicious of online dating sites and of matchmakers who might think I was “damaged goods” or otherwise would not tell me the full truth about a potential match. A friend suggested I register with Chiburim. As soon as Margaret made the first contact, I immediately felt that your mentoring was something different. There is great value in the personal meetings with the mentors. Margaret was consistant in contacting me on a regular basis, checking in with me via email and phone. There is no doubt in my mind that the way Chiburim operates is so much more pleasant and better than any other way! I have recommended Chiburim to many of my single friends. My story has a happy ending. Last May I started to date an amazing single guy and we got married in November!! I wish Chiburim good luck in its continued efforts.


Yonina Viski-Maoz

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"I joined Chiburim because I found an added value, which I could not find on any other platform. Not only did I get the opportunity to date men who were seeking a serious relationship, as I was, I also received intense guidance throughout the entire time, from an amazing mentor who walked me through the right path of finding my life partner."


I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of the amazing mentors at Chiburim for caring! It was a pleasure to be part of this wonderful community and it is exciting to know that there are such good people walking with me in the path of seeking love. Good luck to all the single people out there, I am looking forward to hearing about more weddings to come!


To find true love, one needs a lot of luck. But even luck needs a nudge….Alon and I met thanks to Talya, our lovely mentor from Chiburim. She was the one to say “So what if he’s vegan? So what if he’s younger than you? It’s worth a try!” Sure enough - it was worth the try! We are getting married in two months and we don’t have enough words to thank this amazing organization called Chiburim for bringing us together!

Odeya Artzi and Alon Kedem

Thank you Chiburim, and special thanks to my personal mentor at Chiburim – Avi Zada, who supported me all along. Thank you for your devotion and for listening and for being there for me when I needed.

I strongly recommend Chiburim to any single who is seriously seeking to get married.

Itzik Kowalsky

Words can't express my gratitude to Chiburim for being there for me and for bringing my personal journey to a happy ending. I want to thank my personal mentor who never gave up on me even when I was feeling devastated, Yael kept going and kept sending me suggestions until the right one came along and I met Yair, the one for me. Chiburim is an amazing initiative which gives hope and a trues sense that you are not alone in your quest

Bat Chen Shoham

“...My personal journey was a very long one. For over two decades I have not left a stone unturned in my quest for the one for me. How I remember our conversations going long into the night, when my loneliness was unbearable! You were always there for me, listening, accepting me for who I am, encouraging and instilling hope and faith within me. The fact that you were non-judgemental and always available for me gave me the power to feel that I am not alone on this journey. As much as I promised myself not to despair, to hang in there, not to let the pain drown me, I am sure that without the amazing volunteers of Chiburim who kept me going and believed with me that my day would come, I could not have been able to survive this path and stay sane and happy. Thank you Chiburim, you are doing G-D’s work on this earth. Please keep up your amazing work for all of those who need hope and someone to believe in them! Love, Shoshi.”

“ The encounters with Chani, my Chiburim mentor were so significant. She helped change my entire take on things, she broadened my perspective and enabled me to think differently on how I interpret my partner’s responses and reactions. Thanks to Chani I was ready to return to a past relationship. This time I was better equipped to make it happen and it did not take too long to decide to get married! The people in Chiburim are amazing and I appreciate what you do and the way you do it for all the singles so much! Yashar Coach!!”

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