The path to a meaningful relationship can take a long time and involves checking out various websites, blind dates, and matchmaking…. Even when we share the experience with our friends and acquaintances, the process can be very lonely. 

What if we had a personal mentor to share the experience with? Someone who knew how to help exactly in the right way, who could offer professional advice just at the right time?

Now, imagine that you are part of a community of friends in which everyone has such a facilitator.

"Chiburim" is a social startup with a personal approach to enable people to find their significant partner while volunteers guide them through every step of the way.

When you register, you are assigned a volunteer who will serve as  your  personal facilitator for three months with the  primary  goal of  helping  you find your significant partner.

Once you register and meet with your personal facilitator, you immediately become part of our ‘Chiburim’ community and will start to benefit from dating opportunities! 

How does this work?

All personal information about our members is only available to our volunteers.

The minute a volunteer identifies an opportunity to make an introduction, the relevant members are contacted. The fact that you have a mentor who knows you personally and can identify what kind of person you are looking for, exponentially increases the chance of a successful date!


Who is eligible for Chiburim?

  • Single men and women between 25 and 45 (singles, divorced, widowed), secular or religious or anywhere in between.

  • Living anywhere in Israel.

  • Interested in a long-lasting meaningful relationship

  • Open and willing to meet with the volunteer mentor for a weekly  telephone conversation, a monthly meeting, and of course open to going on dates with potential partners

Sounds great! How can I join the "Chiburim" community?

  • Fill in the registration form below (Don't forget a photo!).

  • Read and consent to the terms and conditions 

  • Pay a one-time registration fee .

Chiburim charges a one time token registration fee so that there is no financial barrier to receiving our services. We can not guarantee results, but if we are successful in helping you, we hope that you will respond generously when we ask you for a donation, so that you can have a hand in helping someone else achieve the same happiness and fulfillment that you have achieved. 


Please note! You only need to register for Chiburim once. While personal mentoring continues only for the duration of the plan you choose, your membership in the community and access to the personal zone lasts until you report to Chiburim on having found a partner for life. Registering also provides discounts for events for singles, workshops, trips and more. 


Every single one of our members started out just like you – by filling out the form below!

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