Is your sister still single? How about your brother-in-law?

You have the opportunity to help!

With your help they will have a chance to find a meaningful relationship!


Your contribution to Chiburim will make it possible for us to increase our community of members, to recruit more volunteers, and to expand the professional involvement we offer in assisting people in finding meaningful relationships.

With your contribution to Chiburim, one more person will not remain single!

With your contribution, one more person will overcome anxiety about the next date!

With your contribution, another couple will meet and find happiness!

Our influence is great and our administrative expenses are small.  Our activities are largely carried out by volunteers.  However, in order to provide the most professional services, we make use of advanced technology and a high level of training and management. For these purposes, we need your support.


A unique giving opportunity


The founders and the board of Chiburim decided to provide our personal services to people with emotional sensitivities. This is based on their vision that these individuals deserve the chance to find a meaningful relationship, to love and be loved and that each one of them is able to find this relationship with the proper assistance. Your donation will enable us to promote this program.

Please give now and help us enable this population to fulfill themselves and to integrate into the community. Let us become a truly inclusive community!

For more information about this program, press contact us at


As our donor, we will update you each time another couple gets married so that you can be a part of their Simcha!

How to Contribute

1. Secure credit card payment press here

2. Call us! 972-53-7286954

3. Bank transfer to Mifgashim Sheyotsrim Chiburim Mizrahi Bank – Branch 430, Account 240877

4. Checks:

    a. Shekels - Tax deductible contribution to Mifgashim Sheyotzrim Chiburim.

                       Send the check to Judi Stern, Netzer Yishai 23 Efrat 90435.

    b. Dollars -  Tax deductible contribution (501c3) to the Central Fund of Israel ear-marked for Chiburim.  

                       Send the check to the Central Fund of Israel c/o Marcus Brothers Textiles,

                       980 6th Ave., New York, NY 10018.


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