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Tue, Nov 03
Nov 03, 8:00 PM
Fun games and an open chat!
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Welcome to Chiburim, a social venture with a personal approach to help you find your romantic partner for life!

Our program is available to singles between the ages of 25 and 45 living in Israel. The program is open to singles who are secular, religious and anything in between! If you are interested in finding a partner for a meaningful relationship, sign up now!

Chiburim provides a social community in which the members benefit from individual guidance, special events, and personal contact.

Discounted prices for those who register now!

"Thank you for supporting me throughout my personal journey and for helping me fulfill my dream - to build my own home and family. Thank you for providing me with the right tools and for always being there for me. You guys are doing an amazing job! A special thank you to my personal mentor in Chiburim, Roza, who was so sensitive and attentive. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and continue to help so many singles out there!"
Daniella and Vlad Rousso.

Chiburim in the press:

"I can't even describe the power  that this organization has.  In 35 years I did not find my other half. With the support and encouragement of two Chiburim volunteers, Elinor and Yifat, I found the partner I had always hoped to find - Tamar."
Itai Moorshtein, Chiburim wedding, September 2015                Read more about our success stories

We believe that everyone  deserves the chance to love and to be loved. Our goal is for each individual to find a meaningful relationship and,  with a little help from friends, this can become a reality.

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